Technology Solutions for Large Enterprises

Springhouse collaborates with large enterprises to maximize their business potential through the use of Microsoft tools and cloud technology solutions. Therefore, we specialize in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure integration, adoption, and training. Our experts listen intently, and they excel at identifying the right solution to address any challenge. They support clients with project management, change readiness, and strategic planning while guiding the technology integration process. To that end, our team serves as consultants, project managers, workforce educators, and staff mentors.

Services for Large and Mid-Market Businesses


Consulting and Staffing

Springhouse specializes in technology adoption, project management, and computer training. To that end, we provide daily, weekly, or as-needed support to workforces as they move through all stages of technology implementation. For example, we can assist you as project managers, and we can also train your employees to become Project Management Professionals themselves.


Mentoring and Workshops

Successfully providing a scalable mentoring service is a unique ability within the training industry. The spectrum of services we offer ranges from open-enrollment, single-day classes through long-term, dedicated on-site consulting. Plus, we collaborate with clients to customize any integration scenario that they need. Our capability includes custom private workshops, short-term mentorships, or ongoing management of projects.


Training and Certifications

Since 1989, Springhouse has been providing desktop education for the office staff and technical training for IT professionals. We teach project management courses to planners, and we mentor essential business soft skills for everyone. With hundreds of course offerings and dozens of certification prep classes, we can teach your employees the technology to be more efficient and the skills to be more confident.


Scope of Services

Managing Projects

Three levels of service: managers of projects; mentors to project management teams; instructors of future project managers.

Launching Cloud Solutions

Transition easily to the cloud with dedicated support from Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Azure experts.

Strategic Staffing

Short-term or long-term experts embedded onsite or dedicated hours and support through project completion.


Certification Prep

Certification training courses for Microsoft, Project Management, Scrum, ITIL, Cybersecurity, and Business Analysis.

Professional Development

Business writing, presentation strategies, editing, and customer service workshops.

Problem Solving

Professional practices including Project Management Professional (PMP), Scrum, ITIL, Agile, Business Analysis (BA) and DevOps.

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