Data Analytics for Professionals Program

The Data Analytics for Professionals Program will take students on a total immersion experience into the methodology of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, as well as teaching advanced skills in some of the most important data analytics software. Students will work with an experienced counselor to determine their skill level and experience with tools such as Microsoft, Excel, Access, Power BI, SQL, Tableau, and Crystal Reports. Students will then have the flexibility to design a customized program based on skill-level, employment goals and budget.

This program prepares individuals for careers as Data Analysts. In order to attend this program, students must have the following prerequisites:

  • Strong computer skills with the Windows Operating System including launching and closing applications and file management.
  • Previous exposure to the Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access). Students not proficient in the Microsoft Office suite may select courses from our Microsoft Office Specialist module to meet prerequisite skills.
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Applicants must be able to read at a 10th grade reading level and have a high school diploma or GED.

Students will also be prepared to sit for a variety of industry-recognized credentials, depending on their level of previous experience, including the Microsoft Office Expert certifications in Excel and Access, the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate, or the Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate.

Data analytics is the science of collecting, reviewing, comparing, and contrasting information for the purpose of making important conclusions. It is an area of tremendous importance for organizations as it is a highly valuable means for companies to obtain meaningful information about their business, their products, the markets in which they sell their products or services, and the potential for future growth opportunities. Analytics means better business data and better data means the ability to make more informed, accurate business decisions. From finance to marketing to inventory control to HR, every aspect of business relies on data to stay informed about what is happening in their department and throughout the company.

This program incorporates intensive, hands-on classroom instruction taught by experienced and certified technology experts in the field. Students will also prepare to sit for the Microsoft Certified Exam that accompanies each course.

All courses will be taught by our team of highly experienced training experts using our Live Online virtual training platform. 

Next Steps for Sponsored Students

Call 610-321-3511 to schedule an admissions interview or to discuss our programs with a Springhouse counselor.

Complimentary Services

  • Resume Essentials – This free workshop will help sponsored students develop a well-crafted resume and cover letter.
  • E-Hired Subscription – Receive an 18-month subscription to this job-lead automation tool to help streamline the job-search process.

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Additional PA CareerLink® certified training programs at Springhouse

Springhouse is proud to be a state-approved PA CareerLink® Training Provider for the last 30 years. Our certified training programs are intentionally developed to help sponsored students focus on the professional skills that best support their personal career goals.

PLEASE NOTE: All prospective sponsored students are required to attend a Springhouse admissions interview with an experienced counselor to review programmatic content options, discuss previous work experience (as programs do have pre-requisites), and determine a student’s readiness to begin training. To schedule your interview, call the Springhouse counselor at 610-321-3511.

Next Steps for Sponsored Students

Call 610-321-3511 to schedule an admissions interview or to discuss our programs with a Springhouse counselor.

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