Instead of starting an entirely new career, Mistie’s training built upon her existing skills and advanced her career

Summary: A digital marketing student expands her email marketing skills. Training at Springhouse prepares her for success in the next step of her career.

“Hearing that old saying, ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ is tough to swallow when your employer lays you off after 11 years. I can’t even count how many times I heard that, and I don’t care how tough you are, it’s a helpless place to be.

After 7 months, I am gainfully employed and I wouldn’t be here without the help of Wendy, my career coach at PA CareerLink [Montgomery County], and Adrienne, [Vice President, Education] Springhouse Education & Consulting Services.

Wendy walked me through the process of taking my work keys exam and applying for the WIOA grant. She knocked it out of the park with my grant! Once approved, the next step was to choose my training, and there were a lot of options. I didn’t want to completely throw away my 20 years as a graphic designer, so I enrolled in the Web Design and Digital Marketing Program at Springhouse. Adrienne could not have been more wonderful. We spent hours discussing my options and choosing which courses were a good fit and while it was related to my prior work experience, everything was new.

Turning a negative situation into a positive opportunity

I would also like to add that the instructors — Steve’s the best — were very knowledgeable and patient. Not only was I bettering myself and my skills, but it turned a terrible situation, being unemployed, into a positive learning experience. I was excited to learn again and about future possibilities.

After several months of classes and studying, I passed my Digital Marketing certification on June 24 [2021]. A month later I received a job offer and I am now an Email Marketing Strategist at a senior living marketing firm. Email marketing was part of my position before, but the digital courses certainly enhanced my skills. Aside from the Adobe courses, a portion of my certification focused on email marketing and the various platforms.

It is scary to start again. But, the entire experience pushed me out of my comfort zone, in a good way. I wasn’t happy at my prior employer. It was a dead-end job, but I was comfortable. Now I’m excited about learning something new, and I’m treated with respect. All of this is thanks to Wendy and Adrienne. I hope they know how valuable they are and realize that they are positively impacting individuals every single day.

Maybe everything does happen for a reason.”

~ Mistie R.

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