<h1>Mile2</h1><div class="scs-largePictureImageContainer"> <img class="scs-largePictureImg" alt="Mile2 Cyber Security Training" src="http://webassets.springhouse.com/public/Mile2Slider.png" style="margin:5px 0px;width:720px;height:113px;" /> </div> <span class="ms-rteFontSize-2"><p>Mile2® is world-renowned for its Cyber Security Certifications. The company is an authority in the disciplines of incident handling, disaster recovery, ethical hacking, penetration testing, secure coding, web application testing, and business continuity. ​Made in America, Mile2’s technology security programs are trusted by the private and public sectors, including by Boeing, the National Security Agency (NSA), the US Air Force, the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS), the FBI, and others.</p> <p>Protecting an organization’s network, data, and technology system is the responsibility of everyone in the company, from the C-suite to the summer interns. It only takes one simple click by anyone in the company to trigger a major data breach, to create a security crisis for your company, and to jeopardize the years of trust established with clients. </p> <p>Trusted, thorough, and consistent training for all employees is Springhouse’s recommended solution.</p> <p>For every trainee enrolled, Springhouse is offering free certifications exams, a free practice exam, and a free video study resource. Training can either be in-person at Springhouse, onsite at your location or remotely via the web.    </p> <p>For Mile2 details, contact a Solutions Specialist at <a href="mailto:info@springhouse.com">info@springhouse.com</a> or 610-321-3500.</p> <p>Springhouse offers the following Mile2 courses and certifications.</p></span>

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